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Charles Henry Bayliss started his own coal delivery business in the early 1930's, later known as "C H Bayliss Coal & Anthracite Merchant", dealing from St Vincent Street, Birmingham. Coal was taken from barges at Monument Lane Wharf then delivered to our customers across Birmingham.  

C H Bayliss old office
C H Bayliss lorry yard Oozells street

During the coal business era, many staff passed through our books but none more famous than "Pat Roach" who recalls his time with  us in his biography "If". 

The lorry yard on the corner of Oozells Street North & Sheepcote Street (now the site of the Crescent Theatre).

Pat roach & Peter Bayliss

"Later I changed to a smaller company. Charlie Bayliss I worked for, at Sheepcote Street. I still know his two sons - Charlie and Johnny. We knew each other well; we became friends years afterwards. Johnny runs a garage now, up in Bearwood. I met the daughter; she was always into horses and dogs - out Bromsgrove way somewhere. But Charlie was a loverly little man - bright Toby jug face - Charlie Bayliss. Used to wear a trilby hat - yes, pleasant memories of old Charlie."

C H Bayliss coalman
C H Bayliss garage & family

C H Bayliss (Garages) Ltd and C H Bayliss Sons Ltd Haulage Contractors have always been family concerns with eldest son Charles initially running the garage business and younger brother John following straight after, bookkeeping to this day looked after by sister Doris, and Charles Henry senior running the Haulage business with wife Daisy, the real head of the family.

Charles and Doris Bayliss

By 1960  Charles purchased  76 Rathbone Rd with the attached garage business from the Thurstan family where they had run a garage business from 1913 and having the existing structure built  in 1925 by Elwell Buildings.

C H Bayliss Shell advert

Doris and Charlie Junior at 76 Rathbone Road

C H Bayliss garage 1960's
C H Bayliss Lorry

During the late 60's there was a major change to the frontage, adding a brick fascia to the building and larger folding doors allowing for larger vehicles to enter the premises

Bayliss Garages old business card



Over the years Charlie Junior moved to work with his father in the haulage business leaving John to run the garage. Over the years both business's would split with John buying the garage business and renaming it as it stands today "Bayliss Garages Ltd" and Charles, Charles junior and Doris running the haulage business.

Bayliss Transport Winson green

With the modernisation plans for Birmingham, C H Bayliss & Sons Haulage needed to re-locate and so moved to Vittoria Street on the corner of Wellington Road, Smethwick.

Bayliss Transport Lorry

On the 14th March 1987 our founder, Charles Henry Bayliss senior, died on his way to work at the age of 78.  During this time the Haulage Business was renamed as "Bayliss Transport Ltd" continuing until in 1989 it unfortunately went into liquidation.

Bayliss Garages Ltd 2016

Bayliss Garages Ltd is now owned by the founders' grandson, Peter Bayliss, who being a keen family historian, will be keeping the traditional look but offering a modern service.

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