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car airconditiong recharge service


To arrange  aircon service call: 0121 429 4572

Air con recharge

Air con

Recharge Service £55

Free check

Air con is not only great way to keep cool in summer but great for demisting your windows in winter.


With our F gas approved staff we offer a full service not just a quick top up. We take out the gas/oil recirculate the gas, top up the gas/oil to the correct level and provide a full print out to show amounts used.

cabin atomise


Cabin Atomising £20

Does your Air Con smell during or after use? Then you need to atomise the system. This is not just a quick spray into the vents with an aerosol, our machine is  an anti bacterial cleaner which is run in the cabin of your car for about 20 mins approx while your system is operating so it fully atomises  the system making everything clean and fresh.

Air Con Recharge and Cabin Atomising £65

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