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Charles Henry Bayliss senior (Middle) running the Haulage business with sons Charlie & John, and wife Daisy (the real head of the family)


Photograph of the original C. H. Bayliss Coal & Anthracite Merchant


1927 Elwell Buildings had built two sections of the Dutch Barn structure while the houses on Sydney Road were being built.

"Charlie Bayliss I worked for, at Sheepcote Street. I still know his two sons - Charlie and Johnny. We knew each other well; we became friends years afterwards. Johnny runs a garage now, up in Bearwood ... Charlie was a lovely little man - bright Toby jug face - Charlie Bayliss. Used to wear a trilby hat - yes, pleasant memories of old Charlie."

                                                                                            - Pat Roach, 2002


Pat Roach with current owner  Peter Bayliss (John's son) 


Charlie and Daisy's Children

(Left side) Doris, Charlie Jr, John Bayliss

Oozells Street North 2.jpg
Escort ralling.jpg
Bayliss Garages Rallying Team
Peter Bayliss (John's son) rallying at Wheelspin, 1988 approx with co-driver and friend Darren Hemmings.
Our Family Business

Bayliss Garages Ltd is a third-generation family-run business that has operated since the 1960s.

In the early 1930s, Charles Henry Bayliss started a coal delivery business in Quinton, later known as C. H. Bayliss - Coal & Anthracite Merchant, with its office based within the goods station off St Vincent Street, Birmingham. Coal was transported by train into the coal wharf then loaded onto our lorries to be delivered to customers throughout Smethwick/Birmingham.

A lorry yard was later established in Oozells Street North to accommodate the growing business and its transformation into a haulage firm. By 1953 Doris Cook (Charles’ daughter) joined as a bookkeeper for C H Bayliss & Sons Ltd - coal/haulage business.

In 1960 Charles Henry Bayliss purchased a garage business from the Thurstan family (established in 1913), located at the top of Sydney Road, Smethwick. On 28th November 1960, the garage was made into a limited company C.H.Bayliss Garages Ltd with son Charles Henry Bayliss junior at the helm, quickly followed by his younger brother John David Bayliss who left his job at Hangers Ford and with the government introducing MOT’s in 1960, Bayliss Garages became one of the first to offer MOT’s for cars and motorcycles.

John was later joined by Richard Thorp, also from Hangers, as their first non-family member mechanic and Charles junior moved on to join his father in the coal/haulage business. Doris, while still a bookkeeper for the haulage business, also became bookkeeper to the garage.

John later bought the garage business from the family which in 1985 became Bayliss Garages Ltd, with Charles junior and Doris running what became Bayliss Transport Ltd.

Sadly in 1987, Charles Henry Bayliss passed away on the 14th of March on his way to work at the age of 77.

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C. H. Bayliss (Garages) Ltd. & C. H. Bayliss Sons Ltd. Haulage Contractors

(1909 - 1987)

Charles Henry Bayliss Junior
(1936 - 2017)

Dorris Cook (nee Bayliss)

(1939 - Present)


John Bayliss

(1941 - 2023)


Peter Bayliss

(1968 - Present)


Doris Cook (nee Bayliss) bookkeeper for C H Bayliss & Sons coal business since 1953 and then Bayliss Garages since 1960.


Doris Bayliss with H. G. Payne. One of the companies bought by C. H. Bayliss & Sons Ltd.

(Photograph taken from 1970's)


John Bayliss with technicians: Pete, Spencer & Amarjit (left to right)


Bayliss Garages Rallying Team
John and Peter with 4th generation Jack Bayliss rallying in a Nissan Micra K11 from 2013 to 2015. 

Peter Bayliss (driver) and  Darren Hemmings (co-driver).

In late 2016 John’s son, Peter Bayliss, became Managing Director. It is still very much a family concern; Peter’s son Jack has helped bring in modern systems now in place and his daughter Charlotte manages reception. Peter’s wife, Lisa, has taken on the role of Director.

The family has worked hard to ensure the garage remains up to date with current expectations within the motor trade business. The garage, now over 100 years old and in the ownership of Bayliss Garages for over 60 years, still remains a reliable and trustworthy garage for those in Smethwick and the surrounding areas.

For more history on the property check out Made in Oldbury's Page:

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