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Air con recharge


Recharge Service from - £60

Air Con is not only a convenient way to keep cool in summer, but also a great way to de-mist your windows in winter! With our F gas approved staff we offer a full service not just a quick top up. We take out the gas/oil recirculate the gas, top up the gas/oil to the correct level and provide a full print out to show amounts used*.

The price you pay for an Air Con recharge will depend on the type of refrigerant gas your car uses. The vast majority of cars on the road in the UK use one of two types of refrigerant - R134A (£60) & R1234YF (£130).


Vehicles requiring R1234YF gas recharge - £130

R134A gas is common in vehicles manufactured before 2014 and all vehicles with air con manufactured since 1st January 2017 include the new R1234YF. R1234YF gas was phased in by vehicle manufacturers over time so vehicles rolling off the production line between 2014 and 2016 could require either gas.


Manufacturers recommend that you recharge your air con every 2 years. Additionally, your vehicles air conditioner is not checked as part of your MOT test and re-gassing is not typically included in your service. It is important to make sure that you include recharging as part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine.

If your Air Con is blowing out warm air or only works intermittently, an Air Con recharge can bring back cold air when you need it most on hot days and can also improve your fuel efficiency as there is less strain on the system and engine. Unpleasant smells coming from the air vents also suggest that your air con needs some attention.

cabin atomise


Cabin Atomising - £20

Does your Air Con smell during or after use? Then you need to atomise the system. This is not just a quick spray into the vents with an aerosol, our machine is  an anti bacterial cleaner which is run in the cabin of your car for about 20 mins approx while your system is operating so it fully atomises the system making everything clean and fresh.


Why not sort your air con out whilst getting rid of any unpleasant odours at the same time with our combo offer! By clearing the build up of bacteria in the air con system and vents it will improve the circulation within your car which can also be beneficial for those with breathing difficulties. Make an appointment today by clicking here

Combo Price - R134a - £70    R1234vf - £140

*PLEASE NOTE: The Air Con system will have been vacuum checked before legally being re-gassed and checked for blowing cool air. Even though there is no guarantee how long the system holds the gas, dye is applied in the hope of finding leaks if they occur during use.

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