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Face Lift

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Purchased parts for face lift:

New Bumper £90 - Midland Lamps & Panels

New Bumper Mouldings £39 - Ebay

Bumper lower inserts £7.65 - Ebay

Bonnet £130- P W Europarts

Original Grille £22 - Ebay

New Matte Black badge £15 - Carbonmotorsport/Ebay

Headlights with LED bulbs £68.95 - Ebay

Bonnet paint £50 - Spraywell

Total £422.60

After purchasing all the parts I set up a temporary spray booth, spray undercoated the bonnet, base coated it with Grey White R209 then Clear Coated, relying heavily on propane heaters to keep everything warm. Stripped complete front off but before putting new bumper I found the radiator bottom mounts were missing so replaced with some new ones from TPS around £3 each. Bolted lights into position making new brackets for the bottoms using galvanized straps and some M10 bolts, wired up lights by removing all terminals re positioning to suit T5.1 configuration. Fitted bumper, Grille and Bonnet and at the same time fitted an EU certificated A bar from Bragan £200.

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