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Updated: Dec 26, 2018

SEATING - After purchasing some Inca covered 2+1 seats and fittings (£550 ebay) to match cloth of front seats I set about lowering the Prop, Exhaust, Fuel tank, various shields and undertrays. By making a jig, the holes for the quick release fittings were then drilled and then 2 sheets of 12mm ply (£43 B&Q) were shaped to fit the van floor and again another jig was made to router out the quick release bracket positions. The van then had 9mm ply battern's glued to its floor on which the 12mm ply would sit. Altro Black flooring (£67.95 ebay) was then cut and laid with new deeper door step, light and threshold (£106 TPS) and original floor lashing re -bolted down. With floor in place new underfloor strengthening brackets were riveted underneath and bolted through to the quick release brackets. Before seats were put in place the upper seat belt mounting brackets were purchased (£14.95 ebay)and fitted by drilling the posts and pulling via string brackets into place before spot welding.

WINDOWS - With a pair of sliding windows kit purchased (Vee Dub Transporters £263) A large hole saw was used to cut out the corners of the windows and a grinder with a cutting blade to cut the top and bottoms of the window centre struts. With a jigsaw the metal blanks were cut out and trimmed with a nibbler to follow the inner skin profile. The inner mastic was then cut out with a Stanley knife then the gaps were re silicon, clamped together and edges sealed. Once dry the edging trim was banged on and glass, metal degreased before applying primer and mastic. With suction handles attached to glass the panels were stuck in place and left for the day to dry.

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